8170 Silverbrook Road Suite A Lorton, VA 22079


Food was authentic and delicious, service was excellent! Even though they were busy, the server continued to smile and assure us that food are being well prepared by the chef. We will definitely be returning

Imee S., Levittown, NY

Perfect…less than a mile from my house! They’ve been open for about five months now and I just learned about it a couple of weeks ago. I’d never guess it was a Filipino restaurant with its name. I’m so happy that a friend told me. After my first visit tonight, I’ll most likely be a weekly regular. One night less a week cooking for this busy Filipino household!

I had dinner with my 11 and 6 year old. They ordered from the kids menu….cheeseburger and hotdog. They loved the cheeseburger. I tried it and it was very tasty. I ordered my favorite Filipino dish…kare-kare. It tastes like every homemade kare-kare I’ve had…..absolutely delicious with its fresh green beans and bok choy. There are 3 dishes they cook only on Fri-Sun, kare-kare being one of them. I was fortunate enough to come on a day they happen to make it (catered order). So consider yourself forewarned if you show up Tues-Thurs and they don’t have a particular dish. For dessert, we had halo-halo and turon served with ube ice cream. Every bite and slurp was worth my expanding waistline.

Kare-Kare by Jane G.

Jane G., Fort Belvoir, VA

Unintentionally found this small little filipino place and I was sooo surprised. The two chefs are filipino so you can bet everything is authentic. We got the lechon asado, tokwat baboy, corner bbq, pork sisig taco, sweet potato fries, and longsilog which were all amazing. However, the sweet potato fries weren’t really sweet at all but they were cooked perfectly (so crispy!) Everything was really cheap and close by so can’t really complain 🙂

The only con I really had was there was not much variety the menu is really small

Nikki T., Herndon, VA

Came here with my cousin today and let me say that we enjoyed it for our first time. I ordered the Longsilog Combo (Longganisa, fried garlic rice and a fried egg) and my cousin had the CORNER bbQ (chicken skewers) with fried garlic rice. We also had their halo halo to go, very good and refreshing for this hot summer day. The staff was friendly and interactive. We don’t live close by, but will definitely return if we’re in the area.

Ange B., Anthem, Las Vegas, NV

Our first real introduction to Filipino food and now we’re obsessed! Everything we tried ha been so flavorful and the portions are generous. We started out with the Adobo Chicken and I’m not sure how to describe it but definitely will say it’s worth a try. Then we ventured on to other menu items, the Bistek Tagalog is my favorite, it reminds me a lot of pot roast because the beef is very tender and juicy and the its seasoning is spot on, I’m always happy there’s more than enough for me to take home! There’s also a kids menu with basic American foods like grilled
Cheese sandwiches and burgers and other items as well and they’re not just thrown together any kind of way but they’re mad well too. All the staff is vert kind and go out their way to make sure you have a great experience. Definitely recommend this place!

Ash T., Alexandria, VA

My husband and I have made this one of our favorite places. Very good food. Great sized portions, kind staff, clean place. We will be coming back.

Ashley R., Lorton, VA

This place was very clean, food was amazing, and not a long wait! The menu had so much to choose from that I couldn’t decide. I had the bistek and it was amazing. I plan on coming her very often!

Audrey R., Alexandria, VA

Came here hungry on a Thursday night and left completely satisfied and full. I have never had the pleasure of enjoying Filipino fare until now, but I can now say I will be back frequently to fill that void 🙂 Everything we had was delicious, and it didn’t kill the wallet. A meal for 2 with app and desert for under $40? Can’t beat it. Do yourself a favor and give this place a go.

Scott H., Springfield, VA

On my first visit, I went for the Sinigang and was very pleased. It was prepared well, that is the meat was tender, the vegetables not overcooked, and the broth was perfectly seasoned–did not need any fish sauce as is typical when eating this dish.

The portion could have easily been shared by two people but it was so delicious I couldn’t stop eating the whole serving.

I just had to try the Turon with Ube ice cream for dessert. That was very refreshing on a hot summer day.

I must go back to try a few more menu items including some of their takes on Puerto Rican specialties, like the tostones.

Bobby A., Arlington, VA

Definitely coming back! The food was delicious, it’s a family restaurant and the staff are super nice. It’s affordable.

Carolina L., San Jose, CA

Our server was so friendly , food was mouth watering it was my first time tasting Filipino food, over all great experience.

The Corner Q by Claire S.

Claire S., Alexandria, VA

Excellent Filipino food. It has a very simple menu, but it’s fusion-style dishes are very tasty. The quality is great and prices are fair. The decor of the restaurant is simple yet charming. Our waitress was a young and enthusiastic sweetheart. We’ll be back to this spot for sure!


John F., Alexandria, VA

So excited to try this place ! Filipino food that is only 10 mins away from my dad’s house ? Perfection !

I got the lumpia and shrimp pansit to go. The food came out pretty quickly and the waitress was nice. Everything was included in my bag as well (no missing sauces or utensils!) The lumpia was crispy with great flavors and a good sweet Chile sauce to go with it ! The pansit is absolutely delicious ! The vegetables in the dish were super fresh and seasoned. There was a decent amount of plump juicy shrimp as well 🙂 Everything on the menu is also decently priced. I got a lot of food for what I paid for !

I am very happy about my meal and can’t wait to come back to try the other menu items !

Lana S., Dover, DE

Wow this place was amazing! We loved everything we got and the service was great as well.

We ordered the pork tacos, chicken BBQ skewers, bistek and halo halo for dessert. Incredibly flavorful food and plenty of it. Will definitely be back and often!

Marcia C., Lorton, VA

I was so thrilled to find that they opened a Filipino restaurant in Lorton! I got the pancit bihon with shrimp and it was delicious. My boyfriend got the lechon asado which seemed to me a Latin American fusion, but he seemed to enjoy it. We also got the halo-halo which was good as well; can’t beat the fact that it was only $4! I can’t wait to go back and try the other choices on their menu.

Not to mention, the owner, Tess, was extremely sweet! Will definitely be coming back, many times!

Pia M., Washington, DC

Filipino and Puerto Rican restaurant, different mix and definitely worth it. Strongly recommend “Boripaisa, Jibarito Sliders, Doborito Sliders.” For desserts, something different would be “Halo-Halo.” They also have the well known “tres leches,” YUUUUUMMM. Everything was delicious, great customer service, affordable, beautiful decorations, chill atmosphere. Absolutely love the way the restaurant is set up. Will be back again!

The Corner Q by Stephanie R.

Stephanie R., Washington, DC